Welcome to the process of the 8th. FSMM event  which will be held in Mexico City on November 2, 3 and 4, 2018.


If you can not or do not plan to come to Mexico and you are interested in the process, you are also welcome to participate.

This WSFM 2018 is conceived as an active PROCESS throughout 2018 and part of 2019: various INITIATIVES and ACTIVITIES are developed BEFORE, DURING and after the WSFM EVENT in ALL THE WORLD.

Register as a Participant

The form PARTICIPATION allows you to show your personal will to participate in the WSFM process. It is the first step for everyone. You can also indicate there your relationships with organizations / groups / ENTITIES

With this form, you authorize the WSFM facilitating team to communicate with you and place you on mailing lists and / or thematic whatsapp groups. The data you register here will be public. You can also express your desire to contribute as a VOLUNTEER

The 7 THEMATIC AXES of the Forum are concretized in thematic MAILING LIST and CHAT GROUPS whatsapp. Each participant is included in at least one list and one group of thematic whatsapp according to his/her preferences. (whatsapp group list). The people organizing activities and initiatives can also relate these with some the axes:

  1. Human labor, union rights, social inclusion, hospitality and mobility
  2. Realities of borders, walls and other barriers
  3. Resistances, actors, movements and collective actions
  4. The systemic crisis of capitalism and its consequences for migration
  5. Migration, gender and body
  6. Migration, the rights of Mother Nature, climate change and North-South disputes
  7. orgnanized migrant Population  communities diasporas, as transnational incidence actors

Participate as a co-organizer of activity or initiative

If in addition to your personal participation you are interested in placing an INITIATIVE or ACTIVITY as “CO ORGANIZER” in the WSFM on behalf of one or more entities / groups, you can do so using the INITIATIVE or ACTIVITY form, as the case may be.



The form  INICIATIVA allows you to ANNOUNCE in the WSFM an initiative in the name of one or several co-promoting entities

An INITIATIVE in the WSFM is a set of actions, promoted by a group of ENTITIES / COLLECTIVES participating in the WSFM to influence or progress towards a GOAL, highlighting from 1 to 3 PUBLIC ACTIONS held between 2018 and 2019. Public actions have the format of public invitations to do such or such a thing on certain day, they are different from organizational tasks that are self-assigned by the people impulsing the initiative to make possible and prepare public actions. They require various grades of commitment from their participants

On November 4 in Mexico City, the promoters of initiatives with at least 3 co-promoting entities will be invited to present their public actions for 2019 at a FINAL MOMENT of the WSF 2018 event, in the form of an AGORA of FUTURES , horizontal and participatory.

The agora shows how the initiatives announced, promoted, discussed throughout the WSFM have been reinforced or launched and articulated.

After the event, a CALENDAR OF FUTURES WSMM 2018 will be constituted with the public actions of the initiatives presented in the agora and will be updated until the spring of 2019.

Placing an INITIATIVE at the WSF 2018, with its goal and public actions, also leads its promoters to think of ACTIVITIES where to promote and organize this initiative and articulate it with others, among people who think that another world is possible. So we invite you to examine the activities already announced in the KIOSK that are relevant to you, to establish contact with their co-organizers, or to place new activities by filling out the ACTIVITY form.


The formu ACTIVIDAD allows you to ANNOUNCE an activity co-organized by one or several entities, which may or not be related with an initiative.

An ACTIVITY is a moment of collective intercommunication with several possible purposes: information, education, exchange of experiences, strategic reflection, preparation of action, articulation between initiatives, among others.

The activities announced through the ACTIVITY form will be part of the WSFM PROGRAM . These can be activities that will take place during the 8th WSFM event on November 2, 3 and 4 in Mexico City. They can also be LOCAL ACTIVITIES that take place before, after or in parallel of the event anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that SELF DOCUMENTATION of an activity is the responsibility of its co-organizers. In addition, the facilitation team invites the co-organizers to prepare to OPEN their activities to people interested in participating at a distance, and who may speak another language. Developing ONLINE PARTICIPATION through the use of the Internet allows  to INTERCONTINENTALIZE the WSFM process and weave concrete international relations, beyond symbolic acts.

All persons mentioned as co-organizers or co-promoters in an INITIATIVE or ACTIVITY, must complete the PARTICIPATION form . We count on your support to inform them about this.

Relations between activities and initiatives

It is recommended that the co-promoters of an Initiative organize or participate in activities to promote it, structure it and articulate it with other initiatives.

It is recommended that the co-organizers of an activity welcome / invite the co-promoters of some initiatives relevant to their activity so that the participants can concretely know, discuss, evaluate, support it and maybe include themselves in it.

More information in:   http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsmm/pfsmm18-sobre-relacion-iniciativas-actividades .

Consistency with the WSF Charter of Principles

In the three forms, it can be confirmed that in a personal capacity or as entities / groups, they view themselves as participants in the WORLD SOCIAL FORUM PROCESS , with the generic values ​​and goals and the forms of operation mentioned in the WSF CHARTER OF PRINCIPLE  .

The facilitating Committee also care about checking the COHERENCE of the contents of activities and initiatives announced by entities / groups participating in the WSFM process with these generic values ​​and goals.

This Committee has the legitimacy to express doubts and maintain an activity or initiative announced by a participant entity / collective outside the space of the WSFM process, its program and the agora of futures, based on what is established in the Charter of Principles of the WSF.

The Kiosk on the WSFM website

The data of these 3 forms are used by the facilitating team to publish and update regularly on the FSMM website a KIOSK containing a LISTS of participants, of mentioned entities / groups, of activities and of initiatives announced to the date. Progressively these last two lists will feed the WSFM PROGRAM , the WSFM 2018 AGORA of FUTURES and the WSFM 2018  CALENDAR OF FUTURES 

Contact with activities and initiatives through the WSFM Kiosk

In this Kiosk you will find how to enter the WHATSAPP GROUPS of the activities and initiatives that interest you and whic want to use this medium to facilitate intercommunication. . (whatsapp group list). This allows you to enter into fluid and timely contact with people who are co-organizers and co-promoters of activities and initiatives, as well as with other interested participants.

Consult the WSFM Kiosk to update Activities, Initiatives and Interests

At any time, participants can consult the WSFM Kiosk to identify activities or initiatives of their interest, either as co-organizers or as participants. Each participant, having filled in the form   PARTICIPATION , will receive by mail a REEDITION LINK of her/his personal file.

Likewise, each person mentioned as co-organizer in the description of an Activity or Initiative, will receive by mail a REEDITION LINK of the corresponding form.

These links allow, until the end of the process in 2019, to update and complete the content of one of the 3 previous forms (MY PARTICIPATION, ACTIVITY or INITIATIVE).

Two considerations about the use of REEDITION LINKS:

On the one hand, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE “EVERYTHING DEFINED” to ANNOUNCE AN INITIATIVE OR ACTIVITY, since descriptive content can be updated after it has been announced.

On the other hand, permanently, after consulting the information available in the WSFM Kiosk, and taking into account your conversations in the whatsapp groups thematic or focused on a particular initiative or activity, you can:

1 / Specify, in dialogue with the other co organizers, the CONTENT and LOGISTICS of an ACTIVITY of which you are co organizer, INCLUDE new people as co organizers, RELATE this activity with initiatives and other activities that appeared after it was announced, etc.

2 / Specify, in dialogue with the other co-promoters, the GOALS and ACTIONS of an INITIATIVE of which you are co-promoter, INCLUDE new people as co-promoters, RELATE this initiative with activities and other initiatives that appeared after it was announced, etc.

3 / Express your interests or intentions of PARTICIPATION in relation to the activities and initiatives already announced, or in other “possible” ones

Participate also as VOLUNTEER

In the PARTICIPATION form you can indicate if you wish to collaborate as a volunteer with the facilitating team. This information can be updated at any time by means of the REEDITION LINK of said form.

If your answer is affirmative you can detail your possible contribution, by filling out the VOLUNTEER form that you will receive by email.

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