Welcome to the WSFM Kiosk that presents the information contributed by the participants in the Participation, Activity & Initiative forms/buttons.

The WSFM Kiosk allows you to know what other participants do, and guide your participation

on top of  each page of the Kiosk there are 3LINES OF LINKS that allow you to navigate:

  • Participants> Organizers, Thematic Axes Groups, Contact Rooms
  • Activities> Panoramas, Program
  • Initiatives> Kiosk and Agora of Futures, Calendar of Futures

On each page of the kiosk you can SEARCH for words, numbers, expressions with the search of your browser
In most pages texts are in 3 languages, or you can activate links for an automatic translation



* Facilitating team is hosting  WSFM KIOSK in a space of
On the top of each page in the Kiosk you will find the links to get back to wsfm website

Contenidos bajo Licencia Creative Commons (Attribution 4.0)


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