This theme looks to generate an open space for encounters and avid participation between people of all nationalities, with the purpose of posting more just realities, egalitarian and sovereign, reason under which we foresee the following topics:

HUMAN RIGHTS: every person and collective’s inherent rights, for which we propose the following fundamental principles for life and their exercise. Autonomy, as the right to decide on you own realities; access to justice, as the right of being able to access it in a prompt, timely and expeditious manner, whenever a violation to the rights of migrants and/or their family members, refugees, and displaced people has been committed; we are against any type of verbal, physical, or psychological violence against migrants occurring in their places of origin, throughout their transit, or in their place of destiny and return, advocating for a culture of non-violence; furthermore, visualize all extraterritorial communities and citizenships.

SOCIAL INCLUSION. The prevalent focus on national security that has become mainstream in some countries’ migratory policies has served as the justification for tougher migratory controls; deportation and “assisted return” practices remain highly troubling within different latitudes. There are evident indications around the world that plenty asylum applicants run the risk of suffering extreme violence in the event that such recognition is not granted, in which case the rights for non refoulement and complementary measures are violated. As a result, under a perspective of human safety, non-exclusion and tolerance, we suggest to approach safety matters not from a perspective of nation-state, but from the perspective of protection and safety of human beings; this approach involves guaranteeing personal, economic, alimentary, health, environmental, community, cultural and political safety of all human beings regardless of their nationality and migration status.

HOSPITALITY. Migration policies based on “national security” violate human rights and the collective rights of the people, and they have an effect on an increment in discrimination, exclusion and xenophobia. Against this approach we find hospitality, a social practice that has been present throughout all human history. Hospitality is not about providing sheltering and protection, it goes beyond assistance and solidarity, as it has a profound political, social and cultural meaning, as well as a meaning of collectiveness, considering that it allows to generate and develop a community by looking at the other (migrant or foreigner) as an equal and turning them into one of us.

MOBILITY. It is within the inherent rights of any person of collective to migrate anywhere in order to improve their condition and quality of life, as well as its protection, out of violence and exclusion. Nations must erode any type of excluding policies that do not ensure the rights of individuals and collectives; to prevent and attack the structural causes of displacement and enforced disappearance. We stand against all type of corruption and impunity within the governments of expulsion, transit or arrival. We fight to create autonomous governments that are respectful to the right to migrate freely. We promote the co-responsibility that both ejecting and receptor states have so that migrations and human displacement is not a forced one. We foment and recognize the empowerment and portability of rights for all migrants regardless of where they go.

The present axel will foment the articulation foments the articulation of movements that can act in a participative manner in order to create proposals to create a different world, locally and internationally. We are joining against acts of discrimination, racism and xenophobia the generate hate against things that are “different”, or to “foreign things”, as well as highlighting the importance of respecting and protection universal human rights. We also are raising awareness on the value found in sanctuary cities and transnational communities, looking for adequate mechanisms for the integration of migrant people and their families.

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