Themes of the World Social Forum on Migrations 2018 

A pending task in both the World Social Forum and the World Social Forum on Migrations is the interrelation of diverse and rich proposals put together by an abundance of people and organized groups with diverse and varied experiences, and complementary ideological views, all grouped together –for the time being– in seven (7) themes. The content within each theme helps to better understand the different dimensions on a multidimensional problem for the complex global migration phenomena.

This process involves a continuous work of gradual and a participative elaboration of comprehensive or systemic strategies with a larger level of organization in thematic, regional and global matters in order to provide a collective answer or greater depth and reach to the migratory complexity of the world. This process entails the articulation of different transformation initiatives for policies and, even more so, migration practices with regional and global reach coming from the organized society. In the 2018 WSFM in Mexico has suggested the following seven (7) themes that shall be supported by independent organizations, for the time being, they are as follows:

  1. Human, labor and union rights, social inclusion, hospitality and mobility.
  2. Border realities, walls, and other barriers.
  3. Resistance, actors, movements, and collective actions.
  4. The systemic crisis of capitalism and its consequences on migration
  5. Migration, gender and body
  6. Migration, the rights of “Mother Earth”, climate change and the disputes between North and South
  7. Diasporas, transnational communities and active migrant populations

Furthermore, you will find the enrichment of each individual themes with the intention of situating, although not limiting, our actions and collective strategies in the search to migrate, resist, build, and transform into that “other” possible reality for everybody.

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