Migration in the heart of our humanity: Defending our Freedom and Re-thinking Mobility, Development and Globalization

Migration au cœur de notre humanité : défendons notre liberté et repensons la mobilité, le développement et la mondialisation

Migración en el corazón de nuestra humanidad: defendemos nuestra libertad y repensamos la movilidad, el desarrollo y la globalización

Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, South Africa , 5 – 8 December 2014

Final Declaration

We, representatives of 186 social movements, non-governmental organizations, Associations of migrants, trade unions, refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, activists and academics from 57 countries of Africa, Arab Countries, Asia, Europe, The Americas, and Australia met in South Africa, for the 6th World Social Forum on Migration (WSFM) from 5th to 8th of December 2014.

1/ We recognize the importance of the organization of this Forum in Africa for the first time, a continent that has been particularly affected by forced migration, unequal development and neo-liberal globalization.

2/ This Forum was especially dedicated to Nelson Mandela to pay tribute to this great man, Father of the rainbow nation, who has left us the legacy of freedom, equality, unity and peace.

3/ It was held in Johannesburg, a city renowned by its migration history, at Constitution Hill, former prison for prominent struggle leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Albertina Sisulu and Joe Slovo during the time of Apartheid, a highly symbolic place and a home to the first democratic Constitution of South Africa.

4/ This Forum, entitled “Migration in the Heart of our Humanity: Defending our Freedom and Re-thinking Migration, Mobility and Globalization”, focused on 4 fundamental thematic pillars addressing issues of migrant’s rights and dignity:

Asylum seekers, Refugees and Forced Migration

5/ The African continent suffers from wars, crisis and environmental degradation that are triggered by the capitalist system which displace millions of migrants; social movements have been fighting to rebuild adequate political and legal mechanisms to provide migrants with sustainable protection and demand full commitment of governments across the world to achieve this.

6/ The WSFM reaffirms its support for the struggle of the Palestinian Refugees to return to the homes from which they were expelled in 1948 in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution 194. The Forum expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight for Freedom from Israeli Apartheid.

Migration, Social Cohesion and Integration

7/ We, social movements and civil society organizations are committed to building societies all over the world that are based on justice, dignity, pluralism, recognition and respect for differences, where all forms of discrimination will be eliminated and where migrants will have access to equal rights and a full social, political, economic and cultural integration.

Migration, Globalization and crisis

8/ In the context of the global crisis in Africa and all over the world, we call for the strengthening of the movements against the negative effects of neo-liberal globalization; alternative models of development and human relations based on freedom of movement and harmony with nature.

Human Rights and Citizenship

9/ Along migration routes, human rights of millions of migrants are constantly denied and violated, leading to thousands of deaths and disappearances. We are therefore committed to the respect of fundamental human rights. We further extend a call to all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, workers and the displaced around the world to unite and fight for universal citizenship.

10/ The World Social Forum on Migrations remembers and pays tribute to the thousands of migrants assassinated, killed, drowned and abused on their quest for a better life.

11/ Throughout plenaries, workshops, exhibitions, cultural and artistic performances and informal gatherings, this edition of the 6th World Social Forum on Migrations demonstrated that, now more than ever, migration is in the heart of our humanity.

12/ As we call and struggle for a world without borders (in Palestine, Mexico, Kashmir, Fortress Europe and elsewhere), we call for the immediate dismantling of the Israeli Apartheid wall, the walls of death in Mexico, Kashmir, and Fortress Europe, and the removal of road blocks, checkpoints, and other mechanisms of exclusion implemented by Imperialist, colonialist and war mongering powers, and the lifting of siege and blockades in Gaza, Cuba and elsewhere.

13/ The World Social Forum further demands the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and the abolition of the prison industrial complex, including the elimination of private and multinational “security” corporations, such as G4S, maximum security prisons such as Guantanamo and calls for the adoption of April 17th as an international day of solidarity with political prisoners and prisoners of war.

14/ We express our indignation about the forced disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico and we send our solidarity to their familie.

The Forum calls all social movements and actors to reinforce mobilization to continue the struggle for our rights, our dignity and for an alternative governance of migration.

Yes, Another World is Possible!



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